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Don’t let a bent rim stop you in your tracks, let Rim Master keep you rolling in the Doncaster area!

"What causes damage to an alloy wheel that leads to repairs?"

Alloy rims can be damaged in several ways, for example:

  • Vehicles involved in an accident - the body work of a vehicle is usually checked but not everyone thinks to check the wheels for bent or cracked alloy rims
  • Hitting a pot hole - this is the most common cause of a bent or cracked alloy rim
  • Hitting a kerb - the worst damage is caused when hitting a kerb at speed but surprisingly, even catching alloy rims at lower speeds when pulling up to or away from a kerb can cause damage too

"What are the symptoms and consequences of a damaged alloy wheel?"

It’s not always obvious to see that an alloy rim is bent or cracked but symptoms can show in other ways and even minor damage can affect the safety of your vehicle, YOU and your passengers, for example:

  • A bent alloy rim can cause vibration / shaking of the steering wheel - this could cause damage to steering and suspension components
  • A bent alloy rim can also cause excessive and uneven wear on the tread of tyres - this would mean having to replace tyres more often
  • A bent or cracked alloy rim can cause tyres to frequently lose pressure and deflate - this could cause irreversible damage to tyres but more importantly this can compromise the handling of a vehicle, resulting in danger to the driver and any passengers
  • A bent or cracked alloy rim can cause a vehicle to fail an MOT test

"How can Rim Master help you?"

Rim Master conduct repairs to damaged alloy wheels in the Doncaster area.

It is important to note that a damaged alloy rim is classed as scrap and as such has little or no value.  Purchasing a new alloy rim can be expensive, so before you dispose of your damaged alloy rim, why not contact us to find out whether or not it is worth attempting a repair?  Rim Master have already helped many customers from the Doncaster area get back on the road following repairs to their damaged alloy wheels.

You might be surprised at what we can do to help you!


"To repair or not to repair?"

Step 1 …

Following calling into our workshop in Doncaster, a trained Rim Master Technician will carry out a FREE ASSESSMENT of your alloy rim. We will discuss whether we feel a repair is possible with you and agree on the next step. At this point, you must accept the possibility that the rim may be destroyed in the process.

Step 2 …

If you choose to go ahead with the repair and have paid the appropriate fee, the alloy rim will be passed into the workshop and the repair will commence.

We aim to complete the repair and have it ready for collection within 2 working days. However if you’re in a hurry, please ask about our Express Service.

Step 3 …

If the repair has been successful and you have paid any outstanding balance, you are welcome to collect your alloy rim.

If the repair has not been successful a Rim Master Technician will contact you to discuss your options including collection or disposal of your alloy rim.

"Ok so what's the damage?"

Our available services are all based on the wheel already being removed from the vehicle and include:

  • Alloy rim straightening from £37 per rim
  • Welding of cracks from £40 per crack
  • Wheel locker removal from £15 per locker
  • Tyre removal and refit from £10 per tyre
  • Powder coating from £240 for a set of 4 rims
  • Local collection / delivery from £10 per site in the following North Doncaster areas:  Adwick le Street,  Arksey,  Askern,  Bentley,  Burghwallis,  Campsall,  Carcroft,  Cusworth,  Highfields,  Marr,  Owston,  Scawsby,  Scawthorpe,  Skellow,  Sprotbrough,  Toll Bar,  Woodlands

"Are motor trade enquiries welcome from the Doncaster area?"

Rim Master work with both private and motor trade customers.  We have strong working relationships with several Doncaster motor trade companies including garages, accident repair shops, tyre service centres, dealerships and other wheel repair businesses.

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